Scriptwriting Workshop Testimonials

“Liesl is the best friend who never gets tired of talking about your script!” Jenn Griffin

“These workshops are a boon for any writer. I learn so much every week, and I can’t recommend this strongly enough!” Mahara Sinclaire, Playwright and Actor

“As someone who was new to a writers group, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a bit nervous – BUT – this group has been incredible! Having deadlines has been so helpful and the feedback process has taught me SO much. I am definitely a better writer for it. Can’t wait to dig in to another session!” Amanda McEwan, Screenwriter

“Liesl’s Scriptwriting Workshop is a must for any writer with a project to finish. Hearing your work read aloud is a transformative experience. The high quality of feedback from the group is helpful and immediately actionable. Liesl’s experience and insights are worth the investment in yourself and your work.” Yvonne Shieck, Screenwriter

Free Consultation Testimonials

“Thanks so much today Liesl. You are one heck of a spirit lifter.” Anonymous Playwright

“Liesl gave me a lot of incredibly helpful tips to improve my writing!” Jakob Creighton, Screenwriter

“I found it very, very helpful! Thank you for your insight and inspiration!” David C Jones, Writer, Actor, Instructor

“I really appreciated the encouragement and direction I got from our session. And all of the wonderful resources.” Jess Amy Shead, Writer

“Liesl Lafferty is a gem. Positive. Straight to work in the most succinct and impactful way. Do yourself a favour – Ask for her help!” Jeffery Renn, Playwright, Director

“Super helpful to go through the process of trying to explain my story to you. Your feedback helpful and hugely appreciated. Many thanks!” Elissa Vann Struth – Screenwriter

“Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I think it worked! I wouldn’t have submitted without the feedback.” Janet Munsil – Writer, Instructor

Playwright Testimonials

“I have known Liesl for the past 10 years and recognized in her a necessary optimism and brightness that made her immediately accessible to facilitate the dialogue necessary for critical analysis of new script material whether on the table or in production. Her humour and keen eye and ability to cut through and identify “problem areas” with respect to structure and plot, character development, in my estimation, put her ahead of the pack, whether as Potential Director or as Dramaturge.” Nicola Cavendish, Playwright and Actor

“Liesl is a master at managing time, talent, temperament and vision. She was able to see my concept through from birth to production without letting outside influences impose on my process as a writer. She also was able to guide me through the mire when my own insecurities muddied my journey from script to stage. Her artistic guidance was met and matched by her technical research and development capabilities. A gift like that is rare and most appreciated.” Columpa C. Bobb, Aboriginal Arts Training and Mentorship Program

Actor Testimonials

“I was a frustrated artist when I met Liesl and she kicked my ass into gear, when nothing was happening for me. We became fast friends and successful collaborators. Our first piece was one of Vancouver Sun’s top ten shows of the year and since then I have been a successful working actor, who has never again waited on a table. Our second collaboration was nominated for the Jessie Richardson Outstanding Original Play.” Dmitry Chepovetsky, Actor and Playwright

“Liesl is a truly gifted director. Her simple and specific approach brings both clarity and freedom. She is a joy to work with.” Heidi Waters, Actor and Playwright

“Thanks for all of your hard work. It really helped me to find my characters.” Peter Anderson, Actor and Playwright

Producer Testimonials

“Liesl seamlessly took on the role of co-writer and further proved her flexibility and dedication in seeing the piece through to production. Quickly, the play started to take a new form, with a stronger through-line, fuller characters and more vibrant and resonant themes.” Jeffery Renn, Interim Artist Director Realwheels Theatre, 2015

“She has been a real asset to our artistic department, bringing a finely-tuned sense of craft to her textual analysis. Her written reports on each script are both insightful and eloquent.” Laurie Lam, Producer Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

“For me, Liesl is an important voice in the Canadian theatre community. She is a delightful collaborator, a welcome member of an ensemble and it is a privilege to unequivocally recommend her to you.” Leslee Silverman, Artistic Director Manitoba Theatre for Young People

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