Story Development and Dramaturgy – $45 to $65 per hour

My fees depend on the scope of work. Generally, I read your piece twice, prepare notes and give feedback over Zoom or the phone. After our meeting, I email your script with my notes on it and I follow up on your progress a week or so later.

From my stack of extremely well organized notes, I also provide resources on log lines, story spines, pitching and much, much more.

Facilitation. Masterclasses and Hosting – $45 to $65 per hour

Writing, Story and Directing Workshops available for groups.

Firecracker Department

An international community of artistic women and non-binary folks, empowering each other to take creative action by creating platforms for our voices and stories.

As the Head of the Firecracker Writing Department, I can tell you we do all sorts of fun stuff, including Quarterly Script Readings, a Short Story Challenge, Scriptwriting Workshops, Writing Burst Sessions on Thursdays, and so much more. It’s a great community, check out and sign up for the newsletter! Listen to the podcast! See you there!

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