Client’s Successes!

Zahida Rahemtulla, Vancouver and Toronto – Zahida wrote her first play in my Wet Ink Collective Intensives and private sessions. The Wrong Bashir was part of an audio series produced by the Arts Club Theatre and the full play will be presented by Touchstone Theatre in 2023. Zahida started her play The Frontliners in my Wet Ink Collective Intensive and it was picked up by Playwrights Theatre Centre for workshop and presentation in Oct, 2022.

Sally Stubbs, Vancouver – Sally has a long list of successes. I was the Facilitator for her last Wet Ink Collective Intensive. We workshopped a late draft of Centurions, an adaptation of one of her plays, that she wrote into a jaw-dropping feature. The script has received multiple accolades and awards on the screenplay contest circuit, including ‘Winner of the Best Script/Unproduced Script’ at the LONDON NEW WAVE FILM FESTIVAL 7th edition. Also, I was a fellow participant in the room while Sally created Our Ghosts, which is part of United Players of Vancouver’s next season.

Asis Sethi, Toronto – We had a one-on-one session with the final draft her short film, which is a ‘proof of concept’ for a feature film her team is creating Slam Dunk, Sehaj! Here is a promo video

Laura Di Cicco, Vancouver – We worked in private sessions. I am listed as ‘second draft dramaturg’ for this play. There was a reading of Sandra at the Advance Reading Series at the Shadbolt Theatre on Mon Jan 30, 2023.

Mahara Sinclaire, Mission, BC – In a combination of workshops and private sessions, this writer drafts a full length piece every year. In 2021, her script Hang the Moon had an in-person reading and was a finalist for Theatre BC’s Playwriting Competition. By the end of 2022, she was ready to submit her next play A Noble Truth for a workshop funding award. Now, she is writing a limited TV series.

Aida Rose, Vancouver – Her film outline for The Rules of Women was written so beautifully in prose that after couple of workshops and private sessions, she decided to write the piece as a novel instead. The first chapter is now published, available on Amazon. I am her editor.

Rebecca Marquardt, Austin (now, LA) – Rebecca co-wrote, directed and co-produced her first short film, Biofriend, which has been accepted to every festival they have applied to, winning Audience Favorite at the very first one! She also enjoys combo of workshops and one-on-one sessions.

Martha Ferguson, Paris – In private sessions, we worked through a draft of her current film Land of Ghosts,

David Copelin – In a series of dramaturgy sessions, we worked through a draft of his new play Broken Water.

Paulina Carrera-Renteria, just outside Mexico City – completed a draft of her first one-hour drama pilot along with elements of her pitch deck. Still active in workshops and one-on-ones.

Yvonne Shieck, Port Dover, ON – completed a draft her first feature film, which I am now story editing with her. She is taking a break for a honeymoon, but will be back in the spring to re-work her pilot.

Amanda McEwan, Vancouver –completed her first feature film. Astonishingly, she only took about three weeks to draw up her outline, then wrote the entire 120 page draft in one week! After ten weeks in workshop and two private sessions, it is ready to submit to a producer or start shooting. Double is stunning.

Natasha Markou, London, UK –completed a draft of her feature. And, a film she produced, A Mouthful of Air starring Amanda Seyfried, came out on major streaming platforms.

Norm Reynolds, Toronto – Having attained the rights for a beloved novel of epic pro-portions, Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, by Anne Taylor. Norm wrote the first draft of a big, beautiful play. He took a break from that script to tour his one person show about meeting famed playwright, Edward Albee.

Alison Kelly – We worked together in a combination of Wet Ink Collective Intensives and one-on-one sessions, while she completed a draft of her new play Rose’s Garden. She took a pause while her Christmas play, The Day Before Christmas, ran for two consecutive years at the Arts Club Theatre, and then launched the premiere of Mom’s the Word Talkin’ Turkey, and she published her first children’s book Granville Island ABC. Yes, she forgot to include me in the ‘thank you list’, but assures me I’ll be included in re-print, and I helped with her next book in the series, Stanley Park ABC.

Olena Fesitova, Vancouver and Ukraine –  In a combination of Scriptwriting Workshops, Olena completed drafts of her upcoming TV pilot In 2020, I met and lead Ms. Fetisova in a ten-week program at Wet Ink Collective, where we workshopped her hilarious TV pilot Lorraine’s House. Then, she and I worked one-on-one on her wonderful feature film If I Can’t Hold You.

Dale Willman, Toronto, We worked on a final draft of her short film Invisible through the Firecracker Department Script Reading Series, which she then produced. FIN Atlantic International Film Festival Here is a link to her video testimonial

Susan MacRae, Vancouver –completed a draft of her Ghandi Dancer pilot, pitch deck and outline. Then, she wrote half hour spec script for the sitcom Mom.

Cheryl Mullen, Surrey, BC – In a middle of some extra chaos, Cheryl told me a hilarious story, and in the Scriptwriting Workshops she parlayed that tale into her first short film script.

Anna-Marie Anderson, Victoria, BC – completed a play and hosted an in-person reading.

Sandy Abley, Vancouver – completed a draft of her first TV series. Now doing her first short film Olesia’s Short Film Lab.

Rhonda Jesckey, White Rock –completed draft of a feature based on a Canadian historical event. And, she joined Olesia’s Short Film Lab.

Karen Hendry, London, ON –completed a draft of a feature film.

Julie Foldesi, Connecticut – completed a draft of her first musical.

Ian Kennedy, Toronto – Technically, Ian finished three drafts of his first short play.

Realwheels Theatre with their first Playwright in Residence for Kirsten Kirsch on her new musical Gimpy,

Disability Tour Bus dramaturg for the Spring 2023 production of an original collaboratively writing play

For four workshop participants, I wrote letters of recommendation. Three were successful applicants for production funding or prestigious filmmaking programs!

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